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About Pieter Lijesen

In 1995 I graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam in Dutch and Tax Law (Master). Subsequently I completed a Minor in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. I started as an international tax lawyer in Curacao and via a few detours I ended up in class actions in 2007. The DSB Bank was the first bank that, because of the injustice I saw there, I just had to tackle. This was followed by Rabobank, ING Bank, ABN AMRO Bank and various insurers. Up to and including 2019, I have been very active in these claims. The damage was usually compensated (partially) but the practices continued in other ways. This is logic when you consider that what happens in the world is only a larger manifestation of what happens in our heads. So currently I am only completing the claims for which I am still working, but my focus is entirely on Compassionate Inquiry.

During this period, I also saw that victims of large banks and insurance companies were not only suffering financially but more importantly physically and mentally. All my life I have known that there is a mind-body connection and that emotions and illness are almost always the body’s response to the mind. From different perspectives, I have also been working on this for a long time. When I was 20 I did reiki, was at home in anthroposophy and later traveled several times to Peru and the Philippines, among others, where I went out with local healers. From very early on I also received all kinds of insights that just happened to be there.

It was important to realize that consequences such as burnout, depression, chronic pain and worse ailments give us signals we need to look at instead of pushing away.

“The surrest way to go to hell is to avoid going to hell”
a spiritual teacher said about this.


“Whatever you do, don’t try and escape from your pain, but be with it”
it says in the Tibetan book of living and dying.

To me this sounds logical, but the question is how do you work with it practically?

In recent years I have done several workshops with Gabor Mate in which this question was answered. So in 2022 I decided to apply for (intensive) year-long Compassionate Inquiry training for professionals. I was fortunate to get into Sat Dharam’s group. I have now completed this year training and I am currently doing the Mentorship Compassionate Inquiry in which I am guided in 1 on 1 sessions to further develop my skills.

In personal sessions via zoom – I do not live in the Netherlands – I guide on a modest scale anyone who is interested in this way of working.

I am affiliated with and have committed to the  Internationale Ethische Code | NOBCO and accompanying complaints procedure.

My fee for a session is 75 euro including VAT. I do sessions in Dutch and in English.

For questions you can fill out this short form. I strive to respond on short notice.